of staff time is saved
with Smart Intake™


Reduction in booking calls
with Smart Intake™


Patient errors
with Smart Intake™

Cut costs and errors

NLP Driven Data Capture

Automatically capture patient demographics, physician details, and relevant clinical details from incoming referrals, clinical notes, lab tests, and more. We can use API's, HL7, or FHIR to pre-populate new patient profiles in your EMR, or push data directly into existing records.

Improve response times

Assisted Fax Triage

Quickly triage and process incomging faxes - labs, reports, requests and other tasks with your team. Our document sorting AI helps identify exactly whats in each fax before you open it.

Reduce calls and faxes

Omni-Channel Assistant

Automated booking voice calls or SMS messages reduce the number of outgoing calls by over 50%. Timeline notifications and the secure web portal ensure the care network is engaged throughout the delivery of care.

Improve patient outcomes

Explore hidden trends, run population health studies, and personalize patient care with data that you’re not currently capturing.

BlockHealth is fully PHIPA and HIPAA compliant, embraces interoperability, and works with your existing fax line.

Smart Intake™ is a lightweight and secure fax intake solution for specialty clinics and clinical trials. Protected Health Information (PHI) and communication for all touchpoints are fully encrypted, audited, and securely stored.

Using secure API's, HL7, or FHIR - structured data can be pushed and pre-populated directly into existing EMR worklfows. Consent is cryptographically linked to the patients data - putting them in control of access and downstream value creation.

BlockHealth partners with healthcare providers, EHR/EMR vendors, and health systems to address the complex data challenges facing healthcare - while improving access to care.

Only 50% of the 100 million referrals ordered in North America each year are completed.

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